Warid 3G Internet Packages | Daily, 3 Days, Weekly, Monthly

Warid 3g Packages

Warid 3G Internet Packages, Daily, 3 Days, Weekly, Monthly

Warid is offering 3g Internet Packages. Warid Telecom is one of the most popular and widespread telephone communication mobile networks in Pakistan. With over 50+ million active subscribed users, Warid is surely a favorite for many in the country. The one thing that makes Warid most popular is it’s affordable and great 3G internet packages. It offers you a wide range of options of Warid 3G packages to explore and choose from!The 3G internet speed of Warid network is super-fast and speedy as well. The coverage of Warid 3G internet makes it a top choice for users because it is accessible from almost every part of the country.

Warid 3G Packages

There is a wide range of Warid internet packages that users have the chance to choose from! This includes all sorts of data bundle offers at varying rates. You can avail any Warid 3G package that you want. The options are numerous from hourly packages to monthly as well. Let’s take a look at the popular Warid packages that are available for the users to choose from as there is a wide variety for users to pick the one that best suits their needs and budget.

Daily Packages 

There are two packages in the daily category. The daily packages are a one-time subscription and expire after 24 hours automatically.

  • The social connection packages are available at 7 rupees inclusive of all taxes. It allows you to connect with friends and family on social media platforms for 24 hours.
  • The daily browsing package comes at 12 rupees inclusive of taxes. You can enjoy endless browsing for one whole day and night.


Package Validity Charges No. of Mbs Subscription
Social Connection 24hrs Rs.7 (incl. Tax) 50 *114*5#
Daily Browser 24hrs Rs. 12 (Incl. Tax) 50 *117*11*2#

3 Day Packages

There are two data bundles in the three-day category. It offers enough data volume to last up to 3 days after which it expires.

  • Three-day browsing package gives you the chance to enjoy endless browsing at only 25 rupees.
  • 3-day extreme is the affordable package that allows you to enjoy the internet at 18 rupees only. It is valid between 2 am to 2 pm for three


Package Validity Charges Data Subscription
3 Day Extreme 3 Days ( 2am – 2pm) Rs.18 (incl. Tax) 500 *114*14#
Daily Browser 3 Days Rs. 25 (Incl. Tax) 100 *117*1#

Weekly Packages

Warid users get a chance to choose from four different weekly packages. They are valid for up to 7 days and have no hidden charges.

  • The weekly browser is a fun package that allows you endless browsing on the internet for up to 7 days at only 55 rupees.
  • Weekly streamer is a package for users who enjoy watching videos and movies online. However, it only works for streaming videos online.
  • The premium weekly packages cost 110 PKR. It includes social bundle as well as streaming online.
  • The weekly extreme is most affordable bundle at 70 rupees per week only. It is valid for 2 am to 2 pm every day for seven


Validity Charges Data Volume

Subscription Code

Weekly Extreme

7 Days ( 2am – 2pm) Rs.70 (incl. Tax) 7500 MBs *117*14#
 Weekly Premium 7 Days Rs. 110 (Incl. Tax) 100 MBs *117*47#
Weekly Streamer 7 Days Rs. 80 (Incl. Tax) 500 MBs + 200 MBs for Facebook & WhatsApp *117*7#
Weekly Browser 7 Days Rs. 55 (Incl. Tax) 300 MBs


Monthly Packages

The monthly packages are various and give users a chance to enjoy fast 3G internet for a whole month. These include a monthly browser, streamer, extreme, premium, supreme, mega and ultimate data bundles. All monthly bundles come with the free, fair usage of Facebook and WhatsApp.


Validity Charges Data Volume Subscription Code

Monthly Extreme

30 Days ( 2am – 2pm) Rs.125 (incl. Tax) 5000 MBs *117*34#

Monthly Premium

30 Days Rs. 500 (Incl. Tax) 6 GB *117*30#

Monthly Streamer

30 Days Rs. 270 (Incl. Tax) 3000 MBs


Monthly Browser 30 Days Rs. 160 (Incl. Tax) 2000 MBs