Telenor Prepaid SMS Packages | Daily, 5 Days, Weekly, 15 Days, Monthly

Telenor SMS Packages

Telenor SMS Packages, Daily, 5 Days, Weekly, 15 Days and Monthly

How are Telenor SMS packages economical for the Pocket?

Telenor is one of the top running telecom company working in Pakistan. It is owned by Telenor group Pakistan. Due to its high-quality voice, data and other services it is an international service provider network. Telenor owned about 33 million subscribers and it is Pakistan’s second largest mobile network that has been operating. Telenor started working officially in 2005 and now it has 200,000 retailers, sales centers and franchises that have been working in Pakistan.

Telenor SMS Packages

Telenor network provides best-rated quality SMS service and packages through the network.  It introduces SMS facility with exclusive tariff plans for their customers. Telenor is a service provider for individual and corporate customers. Through its best-rated SMS services, more and more customers are switched towards the network to avail the facility. Sending of SMS has never been so easy and affordable before Telenor. Round the clock text lovers avail Telenor SMS packages to stay connected with their family and friends.   Listed below are the SMS packages offered by Telenor for their subscribers to fulfill their needs.

Telenor Daily SMS bundle

Daily SMS bundle provides a service facility for the ones who want to avail SMS facility for a short period of time. Daily SMS bundles are activated for 24 hour time period only. This package allows the subscriber to avail 200 SMS for 1 day in 4 Rs. Incl. Tax Charges only.

Daily SMS Bundle

Validity 1 Day
No of SMS 200
Charges Rs. 40.00incl. Tax
Subscribe *345*116#

Telenor 5 Day SMS bundle

It is a special designed SMS facility fit for the ones who want to subscribe SMS facility only for some days. It provides a bunch of 300 SMS for 5 days in 7 Rs. Incl. tax charges.

5 Day SMS Bundle

Validity 5 Days
No of SMS 300
Charges Rs. 7.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *345*015#

Telenor Weekly SMS Bundle

This SMS bundle is usually subscribed by the ones who love texting round the clock. This facility is being subscribed for 7 days period after that re-subscription will be required for further use 7 days. This facility allows 1000 SMS for 7 days in 7 Rs. Incl. tax charges.

Weekly SMS Bundle

Validity 7 Days
No of SMS 1000
Charges Rs. 7.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *345*117#

Telenor 15 days economy bundle

This facility allows the subscribers to use a bunch of SMS for fortnightly. It allows the subscribers to avail a bunch of 600 SMS with a minimum paying amount.

15 Days Economy SMS Bundle
Validity 15 Days
No of SMS 600
Charges Rs. 14.50 incl. Tax
Subscribe *345*112#

Telenor 15 days SMS bundle

15 Days SMS Bundle

Validity 15 Days
No of SMS 1500
Charges Rs. 38.50 incl. Tax
Subscribe *345*005#

Telenor Monthly SMS bundle

Telenor monthly SMS bundle is the best fit for the ones who do not like re-subscribing again and again. It allows peace of mind for 30 days SMS bunch without any hurdle of facing re subscription issues.

Monthly SMS Bundle

Validity 30 Days
No of SMS 5,000
Charges Rs. 40.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *345*363#