Register PTCL Complaint | Online, SMS, Contact No

PTCL Complaint

Register PTCL Complaint Online, SMS, Contact No

PTCL users are increasing day by day, No doubt Internet subscriber in Pakistan increasing rapidly, the main factor behind this is use of social media and everything in our daily life is related to online system for example if you want to register PTCL Complaint, there is an online system from where you can register complaint without going PTCL office or By dialing and waiting for the call to connect and giving them piece of information.

How To Register PTCL Complaint?

There are several ways to register you PTCL Complaint, these methods are given below with complete guide.

  1. Online Complaint
  2. Complaint on Call
  3. Complaint via SMS
  4. Visit Exchange or PTCL Office


1. Online Complaint

First, we talk about online complaint where you can register your complaint through the web portal system given by PTCL

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Visit
  3. Select your product in drop down menu like landline, Broadband or EVO
  4. Select your area code
  5. Write your Landline number( without area code) like 22123456
  6. Enter your Mobile No
  7. Enter your E-mail
  8. Enter Security Code & Press Submit

After completing, this process SMS will be received with complaint number to follow for further details and to Track the PTCL Landline or Broadband Complaint.

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2. Complaint On Call

On Call, Complaint system is very just pick up your PTCL Landline or Mobile Phone and dial Toll-Free No or Dial 118. Call From landline is Fre, while From mobile your mobile network will charge as per your Package Plan

3. PTCL SMS Complaint

PTCL Launched Mobile SMS Complaint service to ease the customer, with this method you can be registered your Broadband or Landline Complaint. A complete guide about registration is given below. Follow these instructions step by step

  1. Write CMP
  2. Area code and & Landline Number
  3. Product LL or BB
  4. SMS To 05 1218 1218
  5. CMP 021 4681 XXXX BB

If you don’t understand this method and want help then 

Write Help and Send To 05 1218 1218