Reality Behind Blue Whale Challenge Game | Fact and Reports

Blue Whale Game Challenge

Reality Behind Blue Whale Challenge Game, Fact and Reports

Today we are going to take a look at Blue whale Game, this is also known as Blue whale challenge, In this game different challenges assigns to participants which are daring, dangerous and life taking. This game exists in different countries and, the game has almost 50 challenges and the final challenge is to commit suicide.

This is Russian based game have a different kind of challenges and in the final challenge is to commit suicide. The game link was present on the internet in 2016 and many children commit suicide to complete the task, finally the link to download this game is reported and removed, after that none of suicide found.

Structure of Blue Whale Game

A group of administrators involved in this game, they assign a different risky task to the player and in finally they have to commit suicide, almost 25 Children all over the commit suicide and many of them get seriously injured during this game. 

Founder of Blue Whale

A 21-year psychology student, who was expelled from his university decided to start this game in which they made a group of students and ask them to join this game,  the game was invented in 2013. After arrest, he said that he was just having fun with students


Reported cases

  • 14 Years Boy from Argentina commit suicide, he was the Part of Blue Whale Game
  • In Brazil, many cases had been reported and many children were harm by this Game, after investigating it is confirmed that their link was with Blue whale 
  • Chile, 3 cases have been reported where 12 years girl have 15 cuts on her arm, a 13 years old girl have 10 cuts on her arm. During the investigation, they found 13 years old Boy who was invited by a woman on Facebook to join this game, but he refused to join.
  • China, a ten-year-old girl was found who posted several task photos on social media.
  • In 2017 many suicide cases were reported in India, after that they request social media and websites to remove all the link which is connected to Blue Whale challenge.
  • A Victim found in 2017, in KPK, the Province of Pakistan
  • In Saudia a 13 years old boy commits suicide
  • Serbia: A 13 years old boy injured his hand
  • A teenager was admitted in psychiatric unit after playing blue whale game
  • Turkey: A family registered a complaint, their son commit suicide and after investigating he was also the part of blue whale challenge game
  • In the United States, teenager live broadcast his suicide
  • Uruguay: 13-year girl hospitalized after injury to her arms

Advice For Parents

It is very important to keep an eye on their children, what they are doing on the internet as well as in real life. Parents need to check and Balance their internet activities, provide them healthy activity spend more Time with your children, understand their psychology, understand their needs,