PTCL Internet Speed Test, Broadband Speed Test

If you are a PTCL Customer then, you must use PTCL Internet Speed Test Service. Almost all users across the country and maybe in the world facing slow internet connection due to some reasons, The reason should be Line Problem, Internet service provider issue or any other issue may occur during downloading and Watching Videos over the internet.

I personally admit that I feel bad when during download or upload speed became slow and your work stuck, it was a most embarrassing moment for an Internet user, at the same time I suddenly open PTCL Broadband Test website to check the reason of slow internet connection. The Speed Test service tests the speed of your PTCL Connection and shows the result of your download and Upload connection parameters on your computer or on the android device.

PTCL Internet Speed Test

PTCL Internet Speed Test is such a kind of Test Speed meter of Your Broadband DSL connection and informs you about DSL Speed. This service shows the real-time speed of your ISP. Internet User is not bound to Test Only PTCL Speed, they can also check the speed of any ISP.

How PTCL Test Speed Works?

No Doubt PTCL is one of the best and leading broadband service provider in Pakistan, The Company not only improve their services in last 2 years, but they also launched PTCL Internet Packages from 1 MB to 100 MB as per customer’s need. But sometimes it happens that Speed goes down and users face interruption. Click On begin Test to Check connection speed, you can also check PTCL Wifi Speed, and Evo Speed by using this service. It will inform you about real-time Download Speed Minimum and Maximum as well as upload Maximum and Minimum Speed.

Note: To get a perfect and accurate result, close all active downloads and upload connections on your PC or Mobile.

If you feel that your Speed is constantly down then contact your service provider for or contact PTCL By Dial 118 and register your complaint.