Pakistan to be the First Country in South Asia to Test 5G Services

5g Trial in pakistan

Pakistan to be the First Country in South Asia to Test 5G Services

PTA Allowed to Offer Pakistani Telcom operators to Conduct 5G Trials. Information Technology Minister. Anusha Rehman has stated today in an Information Communication Technology (ICT) Award Ceremony meeting that Pakistan would be the first country in the south Aisa to Test 5G technology.

Federal Cabinet today approved the issuance of Policy Directive into the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) under Section 8 of the PTA (Re-Organization) Act, 1996 to allow testing of 5G services in Pakistan while staying in the regulatory environment.


In the List of Mobile Telecom Operators group, Pakistan has won the GSMA Award. She said that Government is trying to install 1 Tower for 100 users in every village by 2030.

Ismail Shah ( Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority ) Raja Amer Iqbal ( RCCI ), Pakistan export board officials and other officials of software companies were present at the ceremony.

Information Technology Minister Anusha Rehman Said that the Information Technology is growing in the Country Day by Day, In last two years, penetration of broadband is increased. We are working for Digital Market, Freelancing and to make Digital Pakistan she added.

The decision was made in the Prime Minister Office, Telecom operators must not charge 5G during Test. In the Past, Zong was trying to Test 5G Technology in Pakistan, but not allowed by the authorities, keep in mind that there is certain run 5G Technology, Different lab test held to run the technology.

The United States has been the first nation to possess the 5G range available for industrial usage. Until it rolls out into the masses we could only speculate its consequences. When 4G was released, it had been stated to be 10 times as fast compared to 3G technology. Now tests demonstrate that 5G will probably be at least a 100 times faster than the rate of 4G technology. This basically means that 5G relations will rarely drop below the gigabits per minute rate.