Freestyle Libre | Measure Blood Sugar without Finger Prick

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    Freestyle Libre | Measure Blood Sugar without Finger Prick

    Diabetes has become a common disease. It is being diagnosed not only to elder people but also children and young adults. People with diabetes have high blood glucose that can lead to problems like heart disease, eye problems, nerve damage, heart stroke, kidney disease, dental disease and foot problems. With these problems coming ahead it is very important to check blood sugar level on daily basis.

    Finger pricking method

    People used to prick their finger and place a drop of blood on the strip and check their blood sugar level.  People with high blood glucose level are advised to measure the sugar level twice a day. The pricking method was quite painful which makes them not to measure the level quite often. Particularly in pregnancy diabetes, the woman has to prick up to seven times to blood glucose measurement. This device will be useful for the woman during pregnancy tenure.


    Freestyle Libre

    Freestyle Libre has a small patch which has to be attached to the upper arm. Patients wave a reader device over it and the sensors of the monitor read the glucose level in the body and display it. Thus no needle or blood is required in this method. The device also has a memory which can save your reading up to 10 days which helps in keeping a record and also observing in any kind of pattern in the blood glucose readings. Furthermore, the device can show the readings in the form of a graph to notice an increasing or decreasing trend.  The advantage of this monitor is that it allows people to scan their glucose level as frequently as possible. 

    How to use?

    To use Freestyle Libra you need a reader and a sensor. The sensor has a needle in the center which has to go under your skin to measure the blood sugar level. The sensor remains attached to your body for almost two weeks. Some people might not like the idea of a sensor being attached to their body that might remind them of their disease all the time. 

    Comparison with Hb1Ac

    Hb1Ac is the average measurement of blood sugar level over a three month period. Hb1Ac provides very little information regarding the patient and how his medicine, diet, and exercise effects his blood sugar. But with this device, the patient can immediately see that how the diet and medicine are affecting his body and also what precautions should be taken to avoid an increase in spike.

    Cost of the device

    The cost of the reader is almost Rs.20000 and it lasts for approximate 3 years whereas the sensor costs around Rs.5000 to Rs.9000 and it will only last for 14 days. So the patients might be a little hesitant to buy this expensive product but sometimes you have to buy the cost when it comes to your health and these things are costing only a fraction of the price compared to other devices that do anything remotely similar.