Things you should know about Data Science and its Importance

Importance of Data Scientist

Things you should know about Data Science and its Importance

You commonly have heard the words Data Science and Big Data in the world of internet, but what exactly is Data Science. Data science is basically a process not an event. It’s a process of using data to understand different things, to understand the world. If you have a model or a hypothesis of a problem, and you try to validate that hypothesis or model with your data. Data science can simply be described as an act of uncovering the insights and trends that are hiding behind data.

Data Scientist

People who study data science is called Data Scientist, and as the name describes a scientist is a person who finds the new discoveries. They study the data and look for meaning and knowledge and then produce the result. They visualize the data and they look for patterns and then create reports. You might think that this is very similar to a traditional business intelligence analyst or data analyst, but what really distinguishes a data scientist is their algorithms.

How Data Scientist works

Data Scientist uses advanced algorithms that actually runs through the data looking for all the meaning hiding behind the data. Machine learning, Neural Networks, and regression algorithms are few of the algorithms used for this purpose. So to use those algorithms the data scientist has to have a foundational knowledge of mathematics and statistics and in some cases computer science knowledge.

Usually, a data scientist is given with an enormous data set and a question. The question can be a typical business question like what customers are likely to go to a competitor the may also answer a recommendation engine.

Why is Data Science Important?

You might have seen on YouTube that after watching a video they recommend you to watch videos. The recommendation of videos is a result of data science. The recommendations are based on your previous search or what kind of videos you prefer to like. Similarly, on Facebook, they show advertisements of the products that you have looked before or based on the brand’s pages you have liked.

Data also protects you from if you have a credit card they are watching your transactions so they can make sure they catch someone who steals your card before you realize they have stolen your card.

Process of Data Science

As mentioned earlier Data science is a process consisting of Data cleaning, Data analysis, Modeling/statistics, Engineering. Usually, there is a lot of data and most of it is not in an easy format to work on, so Data Cleaning is required to gather the data in the required format.  In Data Analysis, the Data Scientist is trying to create a story or explain the data in a way that will be easier to communicate. Statistics helps to predict from the data or help in prediction from a similar kind of data set. With the help of Computer programmers, the end result of the data has to be presented in such a way that it is easier to understand the people who aren’t data scientist.