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Ufone 3G Packages

Ufone 3G Internet Packages, Daily, 3 Days, Weekly, Monthly & Hourly

Ufone 3g Internet Packages Detail is available. Daily, Weekly and Monthly 3g Internet Packages Subscribe code and Internet and Social Mbs Detail are provided below. Subscribe according to your Internet use. Ufone a little while back introduced 3g cellular corporation. It has been Eight years Ufone is providing its customers with the best services as compared to the other networks. PTML has offered the Ufone services and it is an owned subordinate of Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL). Ufone has been declared a very successful scheme which was started to be used by 120000 people as soon as it was introduced.

Ufone has coverage in 10,000 locations in Pakistan. The company offers Pakistan’s substantial GPRS and Blackberry coverage. Ufone recently has become a highlighted network. Ufone never disappoints its customers and subscribers.

Ufone a trusted network provides unlimited 3g Internet Packages. You can subscribe to a wide range of Ufone 3g Packages by dialing the given codes. Ufone for your ease and use offers a wide range of services and Internet bundles. Enjoy Ufone hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and supper monthly bundles at a great speed. It provides you with the Internet Bundle of your choice. Stay connected to the world by using the fastest Internet offered by Ufone. Ufone 3g Packages provide users with interactive education of all kinds.

Ufone 3g Internet Packages

Ufone 3g Packages are available at 3g pace. The people who just want to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Line are on the best network because they can acquire the perfect packages.

Youngsters are interested to socialize with the world, Whatsapp is an application used widely these days. The people who use the internet for socializing are welcome to join Ufone services put together just for U! It offers you to choose the package according to your usage.

It provides its customers with the best signals power and speedy internet. Prepaid and Postpaid customers can have the benefits of the services. You can be benefited by Ufone at the lowest rates.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Ufone 3g internet service is far better than others. Ufone 3g is ease for every single person. Your comfort is the first priority of Ufone and it offers reliable packages. Ufone daily package is produced for users who use the internet every day.

PackagesValidityChargesData VolumeSubscription
Daily Light24Hrs10+Tax40 Mbs*2256#
Daily Heavy24Hrs Rs. 15 +Tax 75 MBs *2258#
Special Daily 1AM-9PM Rs. 5 +Tax 50 MBs *3461#
Mega Internet Bucket 1 AM-6PM Rs. 99 +Tax 1,024 MBs *550#

3 Days Internet Bucket

Ufone 3 Days Bucket Offer 100 MBs only in Rs.25+Tax

Package Validity Charges Data Volume Subscription Code
3 Day Bucket 3 Days Rs. 25 +Tax 100 MBs *3350#

Weekly Internet Packages

Weekly 3g packages help the subscribers with the facility of using the fastest internet for a week. Monthly packages are also available for those customers who are into business or socialize more than the others. Apart from the daily and weekly packages, there are some hourly packages also obtainable.

Package Validity Charges Data Volume Subscription Code
Weekly Light 7 Days 50 +Tax 250 MBs *7815#
Weekly Heavy 7 Days Rs. 125 +Tax 500 MBs *7811#

Monthly Ufone Internet Packages

Package Validity Charges Data Volume Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB 24hrs Rs.250 +Tax 1 GB *7807#
Monthly 3 GB 24hrs Rs. 500 +Tax 3 GB *803#
Monthly 10 GB 1AM-9PM Rs. 1000 +Tax 10 GB *5100#

Hourly Internet Packages allow you to use the Ufone Internet services for your chosen hours of the day. Ufone takes the users relaxation in the notice and thus gives you the most dependable serving.

The Internet packages allow the users to be satisfied and socialize for the time they choose. Ufone makes sure that everything happens smoothly and in an accurate manner. The internet packages proffer you the speed you actually need for your work to be managed and organized properly. The low rates and tariffs of internet bundles are what the users need and Ufone offers it for U!

Package Validity Charges Data Volume Subscription Code
Hourly Package 1hour Rs.6+Tax 60 MBs, 60 SMS *99#