PTCL Duplicate dbill Copy, Online Print & View


PTCL Duplicate Bill Copy, Online View, Print, and Download Dbill

If you need Copy of your Ptcl Duplicate Bill, you can get it from PTCL Website easily. here is a complete guide to Download Online PTCL Bill Copy, sometimes it happens that PTCL bill lost or did not deliver at your doorstep and you worried about to Pay on time. No Doubt PTLC is one of the best service providers and their customer care services are awesome.

Lost PTCL Bill?

Don’t worry if you have lost your Bill, PTCL is providing duplicate bill online from there you can download, view and copy your unpaid bill, get your copy print it and pay on time without late charges. It happens sometimes that you lost your original bill or Postman did not deliver to your Home or Office and you don’t want to pay Late Charges, just follow simple steps given below and view an online copy of the bill.

How to view PTCL Duplicate Bill Copy

There are two methods to view your Due Bill 

  • Download or View Dbill Online
  • SMS Alert

Every month when bill issued you will receive an SMS on a registered number about the bill with the amount and due date. If you have not registered with Bill Alert Service you can call on helpline by your Landline number and ask them to change or Add your Mobile Number to get your bill information next time, with this method you will be informed of the due date.

If you are out of town or not at home, then use get PTCL Dbill copy from online service, use online web portal for dbill and Print it.

Method to Download Bill 

  1. Visit
  2. Enter PTCL Landline Number without area code
  3. Enter Account ID ( Check you are any previous bill Written on the Top of The Bill)
  4. Click Download Button and get a copy of the bill

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Description: PTCL BILL

After the Preview of the bill copy, it’s up to you that you want to download or get the screenshot. After this visit the nearest PTCL Shop or any retailer to Pay bills without late charges.