PTCL Internet Packages | 1MB, 2MB, 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 100Mb

PTCL Internet Packages

Complete Detail About PTCL Internet Packages


PTCL is leading broadband services provider in Pakistan with 1.7 million users in Pakistan. PTCL Providing various Internet Packages like Broadband Student, Broadband Economy, Broadband Corporate.

PTCL improving its broadband services day by day after the merger with Etisalat a Dubai based Telecom Company. PTCL also has Wireless Broadband services like Evo, Charjee, Nitro, and Cloud. No Doubt PTCL is leading broad Band company because of its numerous Internet Packages for every kind of customers.

PTCL Internet Packages

As we mentioned before that PTCL is growing Internet Provider in Pakistan because of its various Packages which are suitable for every kind of customers in Pakistan, PTCL Internet Packages are given below with details

Broadband Starter Packages

Starter  Package of PTCL is for that customer’s who used the internet very rare and just to get information via browsing, these packages are according to their need, I personally recommend this for browsing only

1 Mbps Starter Package

Detail about PTCL Starter Package of 1 Mbps is mentioned below with Installation Charges, Monthly Charges & Data Volume

Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges 
Rs. 625 10GB Download Limit** Rs. 1,500


2 Mbps Monthly Starter Package

Detail of PTCL is given below with Installation Charges, Monthly Data Volume and Package Price.

Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges 
Rs. 775 15GB Download Limit** Rs. 1,500


PTCL Economy Internet Packages

Economy Packages are available for all kind of Customers, like corporate, Student and home users. Ptcl Economy Package is one of the famous among customers, due to low charges and Unlimited download which users preferred more.

1 Mbps Economy Packages

Complete detail of 1 Mb Package price of PTCL with Data Volume and installation charges are given below

Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges 
Rs. 1,299 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500


2 Mbps Economy Package

Charges details of 2Mbps PTCL Economy Package is given below with Monthly package charges, Data Limit, and first Time Installation Charges

Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges 
Rs. 1,549 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500


PTCL 4 Mbs Package

PTCL 4Mbs Broadband Package with detail of Monthly Broadband charges, Limit of Data Volume and Installation charges are given below

Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges 
Rs. 2,100 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500


PTCL Broadband High-Speed Packages

The company providing the best Packages for corporate Subscribers, Ptcl Corporate broadband Internet Packages are according to corporate customer’s need and fulfill their demand with High-Speed Internet and Unlimited Browsing and downloading. More detail about corporate packages are mentioned below

Broadband Packages Monthly Charges Data Volume Installation Charges
8 Mbps Rs. 3,025 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
12 Mbps Rs. 4,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
16 Mbps Rs. 5,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
20 Mbps Rs. 6,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
30 Mbps Rs. 7,500 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
50 Mbps Rs. 10,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
100 Mbps Rs. 20,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500


PTCL Business Broadband Packages

PTCL Business Package

PTCL brings business level internet Package for their corporate and company level customers who need uninterrupted and unlimited data for their business conference and video calling, these packages fit for their company need.

Package Speed Monthly Charges
Business – 256 256 Kbps 11,999
Business – 384 384 Kbps 15,499
Business – 512 512 Kbps 19,499
Business – 768 768 Kbps 24,499
Business – 1024 1024 Kbps 32,999
Business – 1536 1536 Kbps 45,999
Business – 2048 2048 Kbps 56,299



  • Installation charges are Rs.750
  • Security deposit is refundable