MTMIS Pakistan | Motor Transport Management Information System


MTMIS Pakistan, Motor Transport Management Information System

MTMIS Pakistan – Motor Transport Management Information System is an online Vehicle Registration and Verification System. This system is introduced by the govt, with this system you can get complete online information about any vehicle. The system has records of all vehicles like online registration, Taxation, fitness certificate, and its owner’s name.

Benefits of MTMIS

  • It helps to serve Public
  • Provide better info of Non-Registered Vehicles
  • Useful for Public to check vehicles
  • Help to increase revenue
  • This system helps agencies

MTMIS Excise Online Verification

With the help of the Excise and Taxation department, you can track any vehicle online, the data of every vehicle is online which helps you to check the registration of Vehicle to prevent any kind of fraudulent and ensure that the vehicle is properly transferred to your name or not.

This service is very useful for those who bought Car or Motorbike from the open market and always been in suspense and curious to know that they are dealing with right person, is the car is stolen or have duplicate registration Number plate etc..These questions arises in mind, you can confirm it by using MTMIS Online System that Car is transferred on your name or not. To make any kind of deal in the open market it is very important to check complete detail by using the MTMIS vehicle registration system.

How To Use MTMIS

The use of the MTMIS motor registration check method is very simple, just go to Motor Transport Management Information System and enter Car/Motorbike Registration Number and system provides you following detail about Car or Motorbike.

  • Date of Registration
  • Vehicle Model
  • Engine Number
  • Owner’s Name
  • Motor Body Type
  • Complete Tax Details
  • CPLC Clear or Not

These details are very important, in case of vehicle buying or selling that Tokens are Paid or not if not it may increase the cost of Total Vehicle, the vehicle is clear by CPLC or not or any other information like the engine, body type and duplication of a vehicle no is also checked during this process

Try one of These Combinations
LYC 000 ……………………………..LHE 123
ABC 1234 …………………………..LHZ 0023
ABC 0001 …………………………..LXZ 1111
LHZ-00-0000 ………………………RIA-07-1111


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