Jazz SMS Packages | Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz SMS Packages

Jazz SMS Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Here we are going to give you complete detail about Jazz SMS Packages. Jazz is one of the leading telecom network brands working in Pakistan. It is renowned due to its service excellence with a 50 million subscriber for to its efficient and low budget products and packages. It has the template of having first Telecom Company in Pakistan with a legacy of more than 20 years. Jazz always maintains leadership through its best quality assurance, strong brand and largest portfolio with the number of value-added services offer to its subscribers. Jazz has been invested billions to become best Telecom communication channel in Pakistan. It also provides uninterrupted excellent mobile connectivity and networking capacity for all of its subscribers. As a top telecom entity, it always launches packages that perfectly fit the budget of people around the country. Jazz offers most exclusive tariff plans for the customers for catering their communication needs. It does not only focus individual but also offer packages for corporate and business needs. Through its new innovative products and services, Jazz has now become one of the topmost power entities throughout the country.  Mobilink is one of the Telecom Operator in Pakistan that is providing reasonable Jazz SMS packages. Mobilink has achieved high telecommunication market share as compared to all other networks in Pakistan. Its SMS service is very popular among the youth because due to this facility there are able to get in touch with their friends and family members.



Jazz promises its customer for Excellency and affordability to stay ahead, for this reason, a number of SMS packages have been introduced according to their needs and budget. Let’s have a brief review of the SMS packages offered by the company.

Jazz Daily SMS Package:

Jazz Daily SMS Packages Detail is given below

Package Validity Charges No. of SMS
Daily Bundle 24 Hours Rs. 4.77 (incl. Tax) 1200
SMS plus 24 Hours Rs. 2.38 (Incl. Tax) 150
Daily SMS plus WhatsApp 24 Hours Rs. 5.98 (incl. Tax) 1500


Daily SMS bundles of jazz are one of the top service level products available for subscribers. It is an SMS package that is availed for 24 hour time period only. Best fit for the ones who want to avail SMS facility for a short time.

Jazz weekly SMS Package:

Jazz weekly SMS bundle is one of the most favorable for the ones who love texting round the clock. It is a bundle that can be subscribed for a period of 7 days. Weekly SMS package is more affordable provides 1000 SMS per week with a minimum charge.



Package Validity Charges No. of SMS
Weekly Bundle 7 days Rs. 13.13 (incl. Tax) 1000


Jazz monthly SMS Package:


Jazz monthly SMS package is the best fit for the mobile lovers. It can be subscribed for a period of 30 days. Monthly SMS subscription avoids the tension of re-subscribing SMS package again and again. One can enjoy the bundle for up to a month without any hurdle of facing re subscription issues.

Package Validity Charges No. of SMS
Monthly Bundle 30 days Rs. 47.79 (Incl. Tax) 10,000