Djuice Internet Packages | Hourly, Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly

Djuice Internet Packages

Djuice Internet Packages, Hourly, Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly

Telenor Djuice is one of the most popular Package in youngsters, Djuice attractive internet Packages are the key to success. Djuice is offering unique internet packages for their customers, they introduced a different kind of packages for youngsters the bundles include the bunch of SMS, Internet MBs and Minutes. Djuice is specially designed for youth and became more popular in youth because of affordable packages and hybrid bundles as per student and youngsters need.


Djuice Internet Packages

Djuice 3G Internet Packages with details are given below with Package Price

  • Telenor Video Bundle
  • 4G Weekly Bundle
  • 4G Daily Unlimited Internet Bundle
  • 4G Daily Lite Bundle
  • 4G 3 Day Bundle
  • 4G Monthly Plus Bundle
  • 4G Monthly Bundle
  • Raat Din Offer
  • Monthly Data Offer

Djuice Hourly 4G package

Daily hourly Package of Djuice is for Customers, who loved to download or want to watch live streaming video, Tv Shows. This offer providing 500 MB of internet for 1 Hour

Telenor Video Bundle

Validity 1 Hour
Data Volume 500 MB
Charges Rs. 8.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *60#

Djuice Daily Internet Package

Telenor Djuice Daily 4G Packages detail with Package price and Subscription code is available below. Djuice and Talkshawk Customers are eligible for this offer

4G Daily Unlimited Bundle

Validity 1 Day
Data Volume 350MB ( 1 AM To 7 PM)
Charges Rs. 16.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *10#



4G Daily Lite Bundle

Validity 1 Day
Data Volume 50 MB
Charges Rs. 12.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *12#


Djuice 3 Day Bundle

Djuice 3 day bundle is for Social media lovers, Djuice offering 200 MB of internet Plus 200 MB extra for facebook

4G 3 Day Bundle

Validity 3 Day
Data Volume 200 MB + 200 MB for Facebook
Charges Rs. 42.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *32#


Djuice Weekly Internet Packages

Djuice Weekly 4G Bundle is Valid for a Week only in Rs.75

4G Weekly Bundle

Validity 7 Days
Data Volume 750 MB
Charges Rs. 75.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *345*134#


Djuice Monthly Internet Packages

Djuice Monthly Packages are for customers whos consumption is more and want freedom for whole month, to avail monthly bundle read instruction below

4G Monthly Plus Bundle

Validity 7 Days
Data Volume 10,000 MB
Charges Rs. 750.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *345*136#


4G Monthly Bundle

Validity 30 Days
Data Volume 6,000 MB
Charges Rs.  500.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *303#


Monthly Data Offer

Validity 30 Days
Data Volume 2 GB Plus 1 GB for Pocket TV
Charges Rs.  170.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *301#


Djuice Night & Day Internet Package

Djuice Rat Din Internet Package is for night users who loved to sit on internet at late night, this offer is also giving extra time to use internet on daytime till 12 PM

Rat Din Offer

Validity 12 Hours – 12 AM To 12 PM
Data Volume 1.5 GB
Charges Rs.  12.00 incl. Tax
Subscribe *150#